Call for Applications

Open Learning Initiative Weekend Program (OLIve-WP) — Academic Year 2019-2020, OpEn, Budapest


program duration

31 August 2019 to 25 January 2020

about the program

The Open Learning Initiative Weekend Program (OLIve-WP) run by Open Education Limited  (OpEn) focuses on opening access to education for refugees and asylum seekers. The program builds on OLIve-WP programs run at Central European University from January 2016 to June 2018. OLIve-WP is designed for asylum seekers and refugees in Hungary and takes place every Saturday. This academic year, the first term will run from 31 August 2019 to 25 January 2020.

Three tracks are offered. Interested applicants should apply to ONE. Optional courses focusing on building key skills including IT skills and career development (CV and profile building) will also be offered to all students.

Successful applicants will receive high-quality, small group teaching in a university environment with access to library and IT facilities. Successful applicants will receive a small monthly financial contribution to assist with travel.



If you are planning to apply for a higher education program, either in Hungary or abroad, or are interested in exploring an academic subject without an immediate plan to apply to university then the Academic Track may be for you. This track gives you the opportunity to let your inquisitive mind explore new topics and themes, develop your critical thinking skills, and learn new analytical and theoretical approaches.  

Courses on offer include:

  • Discipline-specific instruction tailor made to fit advanced students’ needs

  • Creative learning modules. Past modules included filmmaking, podcasting, drama and creative writing.

  • University application sessions – finding the right course, writing a letter of motivation, writing a research proposal

  • Academic seminars on different topics. Previous topics included international policy making, environmental justice, and the body and politics.

  • Advanced English

  • Academic Skills. Past classes included public presentations, library usage, research skills, referencing, project management and grant writing.

To apply for this track you should have upper-intermediate (B2) English or above and plan to apply to a Bachelors or Masters program within the next two years or have an interest in academic discussions in a university-environment.

Please note, you will be expected to write a short letter of motivation either stating why you wish to study a particular discipline or  explaining a problem or issue that interests you (see below).


Would you like to learn how to organize and represent yourself and others and advocate for your rights? If you are interested in issues related to human rights, labour, migration, the environment or other important social questions of our time, this program is here for you to learn how to advocate for them.

In this program, you will have the opportunity to work with experienced advocates, civil society leaders and fellow students to achieve your goals if you are already engaged in any form of advocacy or activism. At the end of the program you may have the opportunity to do an internship or volunteer at a local organisation whose work is relevant to your interests. If you are one of the more experienced and/or a returning students in this track you will have the opportunity to further develop their projects and get consultation, feedback and further support from the invited instructors.

Courses on offer:

  • Seminar with activists and representatives of civil society organisations

  • Advanced English

  • Skills development (communication, presentations, media, grant writing)

To apply for this track you should have upper-intermediate English (B2) and an interest in initiatives challenging social inequalities.


If you would like to improve your English skills for study or for your career, then this track is for you. There will be a general English class, a conversation class in which there will be plenty of chances to practice your spoken English, and individual consultations. We will also organize sessions related to career skills, which students of this track may enrol in. You should have between pre-intermediate and intermediate English to take part in this track. As part of the online application you will be asked why learning English is important for you.

Courses on offer:

  • General English

  • Conversational English

  • Regular individual Consultations

  • Optional sessions building key skills. Past classes included IT skills and careers development

Who is eligible?

All refugees and asylum seekers registered in Hungary can apply. Priority will be given to women applicants. For candidates who have been in OLIve-WP before, acceptance depends on their past performance. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applicants younger than 14 years.

Additionally, please take note of the track-specific eligibility requirements outlined above.

how to apply

Make sure you read carefully the description of the program, tracks and courses, and all the requirements for applying including track-specific requirements. Complete and submit the online application form (see below) by 7 July 2019.

Requirements for the Academic Track:

  • A CV

  • A letter of motivation (one page). Within the letter please answer one of the following questions:

    • Why do you want to study your chosen discipline OR

    • What issues, questions or problems do you wish to explore further? Why?

  • Copies of your latest diploma and transcript.

Requirements for the Advocacy Track:

  • A CV

  • A letter of motivation  which includes a description of your interests and, if possible, your ideas for a future project. Include here organisations or people you see as sources of inspiration, social issues you are interested in, general questions you think you would like to address with your action.

Requirements for the Access Track:

  • A CV

  • A letter of motivation stating why education is important for you. You should explain how improving English will help you in the future.

online application

Please complete the track-specific online application form:

important dates

Please submit your complete track specific online application form the latest by 7 July 2019.

We will contact you by email if you are selected for an interview, after 9 July 2019.

The program runs between 31 August 2019 and 25 January 2020 and the accepted applicants are expected to attend all the sessions.


Email address:

Address: 1051 Budapest, Nador street 11, 4th floor, room 415

Facebook page:



PDF version of the Call is available here.