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OLIve University Preparatory Program (OLIve-UP)


OLIve-UP is a full time university preparatory program for people with refugee status from around Europe. OLIve-UP students receive intensive small-group teaching in subjects they choose, intensive academic English preparation led by highly experienced teachers, courses in academic writing, advocacy and training workshops.

Designed to foster inclusion into higher education, OLIve-UP curriculum draws on core experience of faculty at CEU and UEL.  At OLIve-UP the academic stream will centre on university preparation classes (‘tutoring’) where students are given an intensive introduction to a subject of their choice. The academic stream also includes an academic skills class, where students will learn critical reading and thinking skills for 2 hours a week.

The language stream involves up to 12 hours a week and will focus on the delivery of academic-level language fluency. Academic language and academic skills classes are designed to ensure students gain proficiency in oral and written academic expression in English as well as key study skills crucial for success in European higher education (this includes but is not limited to written argumentation, oral presentation skills and library research skills and attendant methodologies). 

The advocacy component involves workshops on rights and practical skills on how to advocate for these rights.   Advocacy training is there to ensure that the learning gained by refugee scholars as they enter into universities is invested with a broader purpose - i.e. the fostering of possibilities of active social and political participation in the public sphere of refugees in Europe.

The training stream involves workshops and one on one consultation with OLIve-UP faculty on how to apply successfully to universities. OLIve-UP faculty will provide comprehensive information on BA and MA programs and will guide students in the process of applying to these programs through the duration of the program.

At UEL, the OLIve-UP programme is integrated into existing provision for students who require additional support with Academic English and study skills before embarking on full-time university study. These foundation programmes are full-time one year programs. They are aimed at students with international background, those who have failed to achieve the required standards in school-leaving exams or those who have been outside of formal education for a long time. The program is normally fee-based but OLIve-UP students will receive a waiver. A certificate of attendance is issued to all who attend the offered workshops.

Currently, entry to the program at UEL is by referral only — it cannot be applied to directly.

From September 2020, we expect OLIve-UP to be also available at one other partner university.

1st OLIve-UP End of Year Student Conference, June 2017 (CEU, Budapest). Image credit: Damian Aleksiev

1st OLIve-UP End of Year Student Conference, June 2017 (CEU, Budapest). Image credit: Damian Aleksiev

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