Reflection on the UEL Olive project

Participating in the UEL Olive project has been an insightful and amazing experience for me. From the first day, I have been able to put to practical use my research skills in the collation of English languages resources for use by the participants. In addition, it was also interesting and inspiring to see how participants of the project were enthusiastic about learning new skills to enhance their future academic prospects. Such skills includes effective academic writing, application procedures into higher institutions etc. The extent of the impact of the project was summed up by one of the participants in the following words:

‘‘It’s a special opportunity for me right from the beginning… I found it as I expect it to be. I have very nice academic English courses that improved my knowledge of English. The Olive programme is very helpful for people like me who has no opportunity. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The programme is organized and the teachers are very helpful. The Olive programme is something that is very special for me… I recommend this programme for others in the future.’’ (Zecharias, Zimbabwe).

In addition, participation in the project has also enabled me developed key skills such as teamwork and organizational skills. This is evidenced in my ability to work collaboratively with the organizing team members and with co-volunteers. Through the project, I was able to demonstrate teamwork and ability to work professionally in a diverse environment – skills relevant for my future career goals as a legal judge.

In essence, the UEL Olive project is an exceptionally amazing programme which has a positive transformative impact on both the participants as well as the team and volunteers.

Tarela Juliet Ike is a volunteer and PhD Researcher, Business and Law, University of East London, UK.

Originally published in UEL OLIve Course Blog.