Bard College Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Joined REis consortium in 2019


Bard College Berlin is a dual German- and US- accredited liberal arts college that offers a multidisciplinary undergraduate education in the humanities and social sciences. It was founded in 1999 as the European College of Liberal Arts. Students at Bard College Berlin join a highly diverse and international student body of 270 students representing 60 countries, with English as the language of instruction. In 2016, Bard College Berlin established the Program of International Education and Social Change, which enables students from areas of conflict and crisis to study at the college with full four-year scholarships. Bard College Berlin offers additional educational opportunities to displaced students via community-based and blended learning programs. Bard College Berlin is a member of the Consortium on Forced Migration, Education and Displacement and the Refugee and Migrant Education Network.

BCB will take over education programs that were intended to run at REIs partner Central European University. CEU are not able to run such programs because of the impacts of anti-migrant legislation in Hungary. BCB will also take over the coordination of advocacy work and promoting inclusive classrooms and universities.  CEU staff and faculty will be contracted to BCB to assist this work in Berlin.

In academic year 2019/20, Bard College Berlin is running two educational programs: OLIve-Plus and OLIve-Access. OLIve-Plus (September 2019 to January 2020) is intended for students with advanced English and academic skills who will apply to Masters programs at the end of their study.  This program is open for students with protected status in Germany. OLIve-Access (February 2020 to May 2020) is a program focused on raising the Academic English skills of students who will then go on to the full time OLIve-University Preparatory program in September 2020.


Programs available in academic year 2019/2020




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