Education Programs


REIs runs full-time and part-time education programs.  Full-time education programs are designed to transfer key academic skills to assist people with refugee status in Europe access higher education and succeed therein.  Part-time programs are designed to foster the inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers into European society while enabling refugees and asylum seekers to influence the terms of such inclusion.

The education programs within REIs are designed to meet the specific challenges that refugees in the universities encounter.  Taken together, education programs in REIs countries - Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary and the United Kingdom - provide a comprehensive approach to the diverse challenges that people with refugee status face in Europe.  This learning becomes a useful basis for connecting with other universities, grassroots organisations and national and European policy makers and to influence how access to higher education for refugees is pursued throughout Europe.



Best Practices Manual - a handbook on how to set up OLIve-style programs. Free to use and distribute, please drop us a line if you find it useful

Education programs we currently offer

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