Conferences & Workshops


REIs1 closing conference

Publics, Pedagogies and Policies: Refugees and Higher Education in the 21st Century

The closing conference of the REIs1 project was held in March at Central European University, Budapest.

The conference aimed to assemble information and critically reflect on:

  • Issues and challenges that people with refugee status face in accessing higher education in Europe;

  • Solutions and alternatives addressing the identified issues and challenges;

  • Pedagogic practice within and outside formal university contexts, ‘integration’ models, university structures that are crucial in determining access, and the type of access, that people with refugee status have to higher education. An overarching issue is the capacity of pedagogic practices to question the ways universities are structured, their purposes and whose interests they ultimately serve.

A synopsis of the conference may be found here.

Edited conference proceedings

Opening up the University: Thinking and Learning with Refugees

An edited collection based on proceedings from the REIs final conference and invited texts from different people involved in working with individuals of refugee background. It asks - How may we open up the university? How may the experiences of displaced people work to transform how universities teach and produce knowledge? The book puts into conversation people who don’t usually speak to each other - grassroots activitists, people of refugee backgrounds, academics, policy makers and university administrators,